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tv   Today  NBC  January 27, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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weather in just a moment. one week into president obama's second term. we should let the 2013 talks begin. there is a question whether the number two man on the 2012 ticket could be facing off in a run for president in four years. david gregory will weigh in just ahead of his exclusive interview with congressman paul ryan. >> give us at least a few weeks's rest. >> no. no rest for the weary on this one. >> continuous campaigns. another reversal of fortune for casey anthony. the death of her toddler riveted the country. now a new twist for the 26-year-old. this involves her finances. we'll tell you more about that shortly. and the countdown to super bowl sunday is on. we have gotten a sneak peek at some of the commercials. a smart way to build up anticipation or sometimes too much too soon. we'll get into all of that. plus, the controversy over the subway footlong sandwiches
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that weren't a footlong. some people even filed lawsuits. has the company made good. we'll take a very scientific love. and hoda kotb is back with a best-selling book about people overcoming adversity. >> she's reading while we're doing the news? hey! looking forward to chatting with hoda coming up. first, the latest on the winter weather about to hit the midwest. stephanie abrams is tracking the storm. stephanie, good morning. good to see. >> you good morning to you. good morning to you at home. what i want to do first is take us back to the weekend to show you all the problems we had in the south with our last storm. look at the snow that fell into western portions of west virginia and on into north carolina. there were cars that were coated in snow. and of course a lot of accidents here. and that's just due to the snow. the reason i wanted to show you this video is because right now we're dealing with ice.
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and ice is a lot harder to drive than snow. right now central, into southern iowa, the roads, many of them completely covered or partially covered in ice. look at that. more ice is starting to fill in. temperatures in the 20s. and the accumulation, i want you to focus on the turquoise. that's a quarter inch or more. that's where we could see power outages. otherwise, erica, where you see the big pink area i'm scared we will see a lot of accidents on the roads today. >> stephanie, thanks. and we'll get the national forecast in just a moment. first, the top stories with jenna wolf. >> good morning, everyone. breaking news from southern brazil where police say 245 people were killed in a nightclub fire "early today" in santa maria. and the number could go higher. the club, in a major university city, holds more than 1,000 people. the security guard said it was at maximum capacity. at least 200 people injured
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mainly in a mad dash. three people are alive thanks to a dramatic rescue, water rescue in queensland, australia. with a camera attached to his helmet filming as it lowers them down. rising floodwaters were surrounding it. they put a young child in a waterproof bag airlifted to the safety of the helicopter. the women were also rescued. deputies saved nearly 50 hikers when their canyon was flooded, cutting off dozens of hikers. >> gun control advocates need to respect america's traditions of hunting. many rallied in support of gun control measures. he's calling for bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. casey anthony says she's worth only $1,100 and she's
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filing for bankruptcy. she was acquitted of murder charges of her daughter back in 2011. she owes half a million dollars and more to the law enforcement and irs. how about this car chase in oklahoma. one of the suspects reaches down, unhooks a trailer. the chase hits speeds up to 100 miles per hour. two men and a woman were arrested. police have not said what led to this chase. have you ever saw lester react to a snake you will understand the following story. big strapping athlete facing off with a very cute animal. guess who wins in it was a bat. it flu onto the court between marquette and providence last night. it tortured them. look at this. what is that?
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a few brave souls tried to battle the bat. it was bat 1, athletes 0. that is all the important news. >> i could have handled the bat. >> really? >> ducking here. >> it was you to snake as they are to bats. >> bats don't freak me out like these guys. >> he says that now. >> let's go get a bat and see. actually, let's not. >> let's just talk about it. stephanie abe raplgs rams is ba. >> we are seeing the system right in the middle of the u.s. stretching from the plains down into texas. it will be heading eastbound tomorrow. enjoy the sunshine. you will get what's happening in the midwest today as we a live view out from emoryville this morning. clear skies, cool temperatures.
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we'll see numbers in the 40s. by lunchtime, mid-50s. low to mid-50s for highs today. a slight chance of coastal showers overnight tonight. middle part of the week we should see 60s and maybe even 70s south of san jose by thursday. over to you. >> stephanie, thanks. it's only been a week since president obama was brought in for his second term. peter alexander has morning. good morning. >> good morning to you. i'm guessing your fingers and toes are still thawing out from last week's inauguration day. you're right, the chatter has turned to 2016. among democrats it's all been conventional wisdom. vice president joe biden might be considering a presidential bid of his own.
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>> i, barack hussein obama -- >> at times last week it sure looked like joe biden's moment, waving, jogging, smiling. were those the first steps to the 2016 presidential run? biden is intoxicated by the idea. and this slip last weekend only fueled more chatter. >> i'm proud to be president of the united states but i am prouder to be -- >> it could be a rematch of sorts. number 2s vying for number one. helping dodge the fiscal cliff and now the gun campaign versus paul ryan. on saturday mitt romney's old running mate said pick the battles. >> but we can't get rattled. we won't play the villain in his
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morality plays. we have to stay united. we have to show that if given the chance we can govern. but we have better ideas. >> on the democratic side, if hillary clinton decides to run she would be the early favorite. with the president lavishing her with praise on "60 minutes". >> i want the country to understand what an extraordinary role she has played during the course of my administration. >> andrew cuomo of new york and o'malley are betting their efforts on gun control could propel presidential bids of their own. still the republican field is up in the air. >> america cannot afford four more years of this. >> after parting ways with fox news, sarah palin said she will expand her voice in the national discussion and hasn't shut any doors. and new jersey governor chris christie already friended mark
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zuckerberg. >> 1,380 days left to go, erica, not that anybody is keeping track. >> only 1386? >> 80. >> thanks. david, good morning. >> good morning, erica. >> we just heard paul ryan, who of course was on your show saying republicans need to avoid being stamped as villains. republicans have to stop being the stupid party. there's a lot of soul searching going on at this point. do you envision the message being much different in 2016 for the republicans? >> well, i think what paul ryan is alluding to is a deeply held view among republican leaders in washington at least that the president is not really done with reelection. he wants to achieve political con kept over the political party. it's been said publicly and privately. ryan is also talking about the need for republicans to make some gains and constructively
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and not allow the democrats and the president to paint them into a corner. and even over the budget fights you have seen runs fare to poorly politically. that is the hole they have to climb out of. i think what is prominent there are still two visions of what government ought to do and the performance of the economy which will dictate where they go. >> when we look ahead to 2016. hillary clinton we know is the early favorite here on the democratic side. that rare interview she and president obama sat down for, though, really gave us a peek into their relationship and how things have seemingly changed in the last few years between them. is that a big surprise from where we started in 2008? >> well, on the face of it it is a surprise. they have -- people close to hillary clinton have talked about the relationship. it has been constructive.
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they are happy to make a public show of it as well because people pay attention to that. those of us who cover the ins and outs will look in the 2016 context and wonder if vice president biden isn't so happy. it's not with him but it's with the outgoing secretary of state. those kinds of questions will be raised. and i think the point that's interesting to me if you look at the coalition of voters president obama put together for his second term they seem to be voting blocks that could flow to hillary clinton as nominee, particularly as a historic nominee herself if she's able to become the first woman president. all of those things will knock around the democratic party. as much as we fixate on 2016 they are still in some ways off, even in the perpetual cycle. the government is taking the primary role. >> david, thanks.
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we'll check in with you in a little bit for a preview of "meet the press". the current controversy over size and sandwiches. subway customers is filing charges saying the footlong is not really a footlong. d we hit the streets of los angeles to find out. >> it's what subway is famous for and what customers expect. when a sub lover from down here showed this of an 11 inch sapped witch. >> you mean shrinkage? >> yes. significant shrinkage. >> it spawned lawsuits in three states. >> it's a big deal for subway because they went out and said we have a footlong. they didn't say we have a jumbo,
6:13 am
very long, very large. that's a contract with your customers. when you don't live up to it, that's a real problem. >> subway says we have redoubled our efforts to ensure consistency and correct length in every sandwich we serve. >> is subway really giving you 12 inches with every foot long? well, we decided to find out. in a far from scientific experiment. we set up a subway measuring station. there's no way of measuring it when it's in your stomach. we scored. mikey with a foot long footlong. next up, tiffany. >> it looks pretty close. >> indeed, 12 inches as promised. but when we bought our own
6:14 am
footlong subway saved the best for last. >> i think that's more than 12 inches. >> yeah. this might even be 13 inches. >> that's right. more than a foot of sandwich satisfaction. proving that at least here in los angeles truth in advertising really does exist. up next here on "today", releasing super bowl ads before the big game. is it a smart move or risky business? we're going to take a look after this. risky business? going to take a look right after this. my name is marjorie reyes, and i'm a chief warrant officer.
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we are one week away from super bowl sunday. we have had a sneak peek of the commercials. >> that and the game, that's all there is. this year more people are expected to tune into the super bowl. that means big box for on-air real estate with some brands releasing the much-anticipated ads early. will that create buzz or a buzzkill? >> go 49ers! >> baltimore ravens all the way. >> reporter: whether their jerseys are red and gold or purple and white, the commercials airing are a winning store for all football fans. this year, more than 100 million eyes will make gametime a touchdown for advertisers. the going rate, close to $4
6:18 am
million for 30 seconds of air time. >> advertisers bring their best game to the super bowl and everyone stands in anticipation for judging and critiquing the best ad. >> i watch the super bowl just for the ads. >> the commercials are like 50% of why i watch it. >> reporter: while it is not the first time those holy grails of time-outs and tail gates are once again being unveiled early, online and even in movie theaters. >> who is going to take your week tend? >> i don't know. trigger, the dog, big foot. >> to share the advertising prior to the super bowl i believe is a big mistake. perhaps if they are teasing them by giving just a piece of the ad, you will get chatter and buzz prior to super bowl that
6:19 am
will cause more people to tune in. it depends on what the strategy is and it depends on how much of the ad is shared. >> reporter: begging the question, are those sneak peeks a super move or a super bust? ♪ they are fun. about half of all men and women watch the super bowl for the commercials as much as they do for the game. this year, companies are expected to shell out more than dot, dot, dot, wait for it. $275 million just to get some air time on super bowl sunday. >> it's amazing on our dvr centered world where people skip commercials, this is where they don't. >> or you can rewind if you want to see a commercial again. >> it is fun. >> the game is going to be good too. >> this will be a good game, mr. niners. >> i don't want to say that on national tv. >> you didn't say it. you are fine. jenna, thanks. still ahead, hoda kotb with
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still to come on "today," a baby born with a rare condition, her heart outside her chest defies the odds. we'll tell you the story. >> first, these messages. tragically, their buddy got sacked by blackouts. but it's our tradition! that's roughing the card holder. but with the capital one venture card you get double miles you can actually use. [ cheering ] any flight, anytime. the scoreboard doesn't lie. what's in your wallet? hut! i have me on my fantasy team.
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good morning, everyone. 6:26 is the time. of course, looking out live this
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morning, over the bay bridge. and before the sun comes up this sunday morning, thanks for being with us. rob, what do things look like? >> we've got 30s and 40s outside. 39 in livermore, and still a few isolated showers here and there along the coast overnight. it's the sierra where most of the action is right now. chain controls from colfax on interstate 80, twin bridges to myers. keep that in mind if you're heading to the high country this morning. partly cloudy skies across the bay area. a slight chance of an isolated shower near the coastline later tonight into early monday. low to mid-50s again today. the coolest day of the seven-day forecast. 60s, maybe even near 70 in a few spots by thursday and friday. rob, thank you very much. we have breaking news out of the south bay this morning. there are reports of a fire at
6:26 am
the lehigh permanente cement plant in cupertino. it appears several large truck haulers are on fire. witnesses say smoke can be seen from highway 280. this is the same plant where three people were killed and seven others injured in a workplace shooting back in october of 2011. we're following developing news out of menlo park this morning where a mother and her 2-year-old brother are now recovering after being shot last night. two people inside two cars got in a fight at a stoplight around 7:45 last night. the people in one car opened fire. this happened across the street from facebook headquarters. witnesses say they heard as many as ten shots. police say the driver of the car with the victims inside drove about two miles away to a mcdonald's on bay and university to escape the gunfire. a 21-year-old woman and her 2-year-old son were both hit in the legs, and a bullet grazed the boy's head. both were taken to stanford and
6:27 am
both are suspected to be okay. >> there was an altercation here on willow road. when they came up to the intersection, the passenger of the suspect vehicle extended a weapon, we believe a handgun out of the vehicle and shot numerous times at the victim vehicle. and it struck the mother and child in the back seat. >> police are still investigating the cause of the shooting this morning. but say the incident may be gang related. police are now looking for two suspects and their car, a 2000 model dark green four-door honda. meanwhile, a second shooting about two miles away in east palo alto leaves a man dead near the intersection of capital avenue and university avenue near highway 101. police say they have no suspects at this time. and the two shootings don't appear to be related. coming up at 7:00 this morning, on "today in the bay," high turnout for a gun buyback in san mateo. we'll tell you how many guns, including assault rifles were turned in.
6:28 am
and how much cash the city handed out in exchange. that, plus all your top stories coming up at 7:00. we're back on a sunday morning, january 27th, 2013. our thanks to all the people who
6:29 am
came to share part of their morning with us. outside the plaza, i'm lester holt, alongside erica hill and jenna wolf and stephanie abrams. nice to have you here with all and all of you at home. a 3-month-old girl called a miracle baby. she was born with an extremely rare condition, her heart outside her body. it's usual fatal. she's spending her first sunday morning at home. what doctors say about her prognosis. what a great story there. twin sisters who never knew they were twins. had no idea the other ones existed until they found one another. they're not identical twins. all of the likes they actually share and how similar they are in other ways. so we have their story as well. and we were sitting in the hair and makeup room and we
6:30 am
heard laughter 30 seconds before this woman actually walked in. we know hoda is coming with that laugh. inspirational stories of overcoming adversity. you're reading two books? oh, there you go. what's underneath the jackie collins book, can we ask? oh, so much more coming up in a little bit. >> also, after a huge hiatus, prince and justin coming back. we've got it covered in our weekend buzz. >> a final check of the weather. >> it's going to be chilly today. we're staying cold. as we head into tomorrow, look at the mess into the center of the country, freezing rain, ice. we could see power outages in iowa and wisconsin. as we head into tomorrow, say, buh-bye to the sunshine. we get that terrible weather. lit
6:31 am
a view of the bay bridge toll plaza. you see the clear skies. drier air swept into the bay area overnight. temperatures in a few spots in the 30s. napa, fairfield, livermore and even around santa rosa mid-30s this morning. in the sierra, that's where a lot of the snow continues to fly. generally above 4,000 feet. for the bay area, looking at highs in the mid-50s for today. we warm up with lots of sunshine for the middle part of the week. and we have some friends visiting us from miami. is this completely arctic for you. >> absolutely. we love it. we could be at the beach, though. >> it's like a row of birthdays going down the list. turning 50. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> shout it out and tell everybody. >> a little. >> you did it. lester, back in to you. >> stephanie, thanks. she's being called a miracle baby. a 3-month-old born with her heart outside her chest.
6:32 am
and as katie reports, she's proving survivors come in all sizes. >> to say she is lucky would be to discount the little girl's tremendous strength. in this video the 3-month-old is fitted with a specialized pink shield and about to go home for the very first time smiling at her overjoyed mother ashley. >> it's a very, very big step. it's been a blessing to say we're finally going home. >> the baby girl was born with one-third of her heart born outside her body. a rare congenital defect. only eight babies out of every million are born with the defect. 90% of those are stillborn or die within days. audrina was diagnosed at 16 weeks in the womb. here you can see her holding her own heart in the womb.
6:33 am
she was immediately rushed into surgery. >> you look at her like you look at any other child. that's your baby. in a mother's eyes sometimes you don't see her any other way. >> still fragile but very much alive, her smile after the successful surgery. now you can see her tiny heartbeating below her skin. >> she doesn't have a sternum or anything above her heart. >> the pink shield is designed to protect her chest as she grows and to protect her tiny heart as it gets stronger. >> doctors may end up taking a piece of the child's rib and putting it in the location of the breastbone so that in in turn will turn into the new breastbone. >> doctors have been watching over her since the day she was born. on friday they had a rare chance to give this mother and daughter a happy good-bye. >> thank you.
6:34 am
we'll see you soon. >> we wish her all the best. amaze g how far medical science has come. >> it is. it really is. a reunion decades in the making. twin sisters who spent 70 years not knowing the other existed. their bond is undeniable. >> this is a story about finding something you didn't know you lost. >> all my life i had this feeling that something was missing. i didn't know it was somebody. >> that was signed. they had once spent time together. nine months. twin sisters separated at birth. >> my twin sister. it's so funny to say it. >> it's still very strange to say it. >> this was our mom's house. >> born to chicago to an unwed mother whose other mother forced her to give up the twins. they were adopted by two other
6:35 am
families. >> we were raised in jewish families, so we had the same kind of growing up. she loved her adopted parents as i did. >> i could have met my twin. and maybe we didn't get along. but we do. >> we do. >> we do. >> fraternal twins, which is why they don't look-a-like. >> to hold in heaven. >> and they like the same makeup, even the same color. >> etta innocently wondered about her family's medical history, just after illinois opened long sealed birth records. right there a huge surprise. when sandy eventually saw it she was confused. >> and i looked at it and i didn't quite understand it. twin? how could i be a twin? this can't be. >> they grew up only miles apart in chicago. sandy's family owned a music store. >> we talked to their store. she sometimes worked in the
6:36 am
store. you know, so it was a wonderful place to be. maybe we saw each other. maybe we did. >> as happens with twins, etta and sandy agree on just about everything, including they don't want anybody to know their age. but we do know who is older. >> she was born first. you're older than me. >> i know. and it's okay. >> separated at birth. >> love you. >> i love you too. >> now making up for lost time. for "today", kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. up next, is tiger woods on the prowl? rumors are flying. it's all coming up in the weekend buzz right after this. k coming up in the weekend buzz right after this. to roll over my old 401(k) into a fidelity ira. man: okay, no problem. it's easy to get started; i can help you with the paperwork. um...this green line just appeared on my floor. yeah, that's fidelity helping you reach your financial goals. could you hold on a second?
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[ female announcer ] purina cat chow indoor. and for a delicious way to help maintain a healthy weight, try new purina cat chow healthy weight. ♪ sometime for our weekend buzz. from rumored romances to hot weekend buzz, we have a lot to cover. >> they are here to break it down for us. >> why don't we start with tiger woods. lindsey vonn reportedly they are together. she says they are friends. her publicist says they are friends. apparently they met because her brother was teaching his kids how to ski. her people are saying, no, it is not true. she is newly divorced. we know tiger's situation. tiger is not who you do your
6:39 am
rebound with. she might want to run away from that situation. that's all i'm saying. >> maybe tiger is the one you want to do your rebound with, because you know what to expect. he is like the spring break of celebrity dating. >> specially when it is going to be a rebound relationship. >> you don't want a real relationship with him because just like spring break, it will be very regrettable. >> nickname him cancun. >> i like that one. we'll move on. in music news, two artists who we haven't heard from in a while coming out with a little bit of new newsic. we will start off with j.t., justin timberlake. is this the first song since 2006? >> he has only released two albums prior to this. chuck and i feel differently. i love this song. i have been waiting for justin timberlake. he is grown and sexy. i love it. >> my review on the song is it
6:40 am
is okay. it is suit and tie. he is singing about clothes. >> because he is grown and sexy. >> he has a fashion line. >> that's what i don't like, a big, giant commercial. as long as i have my suit and floor on the tie, i am going to leave it on the floor tonight. >> we heard from prince as we were coming into the segment. this is not exactly the prince we're used to. screwdriver is the song. >> screwdriver, here is the deal. you heard it when we came in from break. i'm your driver. your my screw. prince, we know you are a freaky little man. you do not have to convince us anymore. you wear wear pants without any buttocks. we know you are a freak. it's okay. >> this is from his new group. it has a little bit of rock 'n roll. you know prince loves a girl group, vanity 6, sheila e. prince can do no wrong.
6:41 am
put out whatever you want. we'll listen to it. >> let's talk about beyonce. she is getting ready for the super bowl performace away? >> she is going to bring it at super bowl. the black eyed peas performed live. they were slammed. donna had a track. she was slacked. there is no win here. >> can you do an arena without having at least a backtrack? >> it is very difficult to do. >> because of the acoustics. you are dancing. you have to have something. >> can't you do both? >> look, it's over for beyonce. the hottest pop star on the planet is done forever. >> the megaboy band summer tour has been announced. you have new kids on the block,
6:42 am
boys to men, 98 degrees and you have all your tickets lined up, chuck, i'm sure. >> i'm getting ready to screen right now. i'm many practicing my screams. i can't wait. >> do that again. >> very nice. that's way up there, dude. >> i interviewed all of them in one room. it took me back to high school. my girlfriends came along. we were all in the back room. it was a big deal. >> they have been doing this for the last couple summers. this hasn't sort of run its course. >> no, it hasn't. new kids on the block did it with back street boys. this time around, they are bringing the other two bands, boys to men, 98 degrees. it never gets old. it takes you back to your prime. >> worst name for a tour. a bunch of boy bands and they called it the package tour. >> i'm sure no one thought about that. >> i get it. >> the total package.
6:43 am
>> alicia corals, chuck knight, always great to have you here. thanks so much. look who is here bright and early on a sunday morning. hoda kotb joins us to talk about her best-selling book, to talk about people that have overcome adversity. everyone is in on it. vacation is a precious thing. so this year, make the most of it. fly like you've never been grounded. scream like you've never been shushed. let go like you have nothing to lose. and hold on to what matters most. it's your vacation. don't just take it. mean it. universal orlando. vacation like you mean it.
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when life gets tough, it would be nice to know how it turns out. a little glimpse into the future for inspiration. while we may not have mastered the crystal ball or the inspiration. our own hoda kotb has tit down and found the inspiration on a
6:46 am
few that went on to live, happy, healthy lives. ten years later, people that faced adversity and transformed their lives. >> what a fun show on the weekend. >> you knew we had one, right. >> i figured it out. i'm excited to be here with you guys. i set out to find people that had some game-changing moments from illnesses to job loss to individuals faced with unimaginable tragedies i tracked them down a decade after their experiences to see how they survived and, in most cases, thrived. >> during tough times, have you ever wished you could fast forward through your life and just maybe that view of the future would give you hope. well, many people deal with sorrow and loss but also dream of a greater tomorrow like amy barnes. month are than a decade ago at almost 500 pounds, this mother of two battled low self-esteem and felt trapped in a an abusive relationship. how would she break away and finally lose the weight?
6:47 am
or ron clifford, who on september 11th, escorted a burned woman to safety after the towers were hit. only later to discover that his own sister and niece were passengers on united flight 175 which hit the world trade center on that tragic day. how would he find peace to move on with his life? and lindsey beck, at 22, she fought two bouts with a rare cancer only to learn that the life-saving chemo treating her would leave her infertile. how would she conquer cancer while holding on to the hope of having children in the future? ten years later, the endings to the stories may not only surprise you but inspire you. do you ever wonder yourself during a difficult time, where will i be in ten years? hopefully, these amazing individuals will give you a glimpse at what is possible. hoda, first of all,
6:48 am
congratulations on the book. i am intrigued as to what inspired you to tell these stories? >> i'm a breast cancer survivor. you guys know. that was five years ago. i thought, five years is a good amount of time for a lesson to come out. then, i got to thinking about ten years and how much longer it takes something, sometimes life to marinate. we have all been on the front end of something scary, a bad diagnosis, your boss calls you in and says, i have bad news for you. you don't know how you are going to make it ten minutes, let alone ten years. why not fast forward ten years and see what happens to these people. each one should have written their own book. every one of them is outstanding. they are a ten and they will lift you up. >> their stories are so unbelievable. that woman, amy, you mentioned, a really, really rough start for her. part of it too is how they find their courage to make that move. >> she was 500 pounds and in an abusive relationship. at one point, her young son walked in and saw her on the bathroom floor with blood on her face and said, mom any, i want you to be beautiful again. by the way, her exterior, how
6:49 am
she transformed her body is shocking but it's nothing compared to how she transformed her self-esteem. if you are in an abusive relationship, you may think, if she can do that, i can do this. i think every one of these stories makes you feel like you can do something. >> one of the neat things you do is find a life-changing moment in each story. do we all have one? is there something that you can point to and say, that's when i started to change? >> sometimes it is on your lowest moment. sometimes you have to be on your knees seriously before the game completely changes. that's what happened to most of these people. they were at a point where they all had to find a path out. despair comes from feeling like there is no road. people show you, it may be a difficult path, with hairpin turns and laden about land mines and potholes but at least there is a road out and each one of these people has with un. >> tell me the story of roxanne cornby. >> she had a couple of kids, fired three times from a
6:50 am
waitressing job. a guy on the side of the road with a pickle jar of honey. she says, no one is buying it in the pickle jar. she starts packaging it for him and gets a cut. that's the guy right there. the lumbar jack guy. she ends up making candles. we need a name for our company. she goes to where the beehives ar and it says burt's bees. she sells the company for $350 million. she saw that guy who you guys would have walked by and gotten purell. it changed her life. look at her now. you never know when your turn is going to come. >> she could not have imagined ten years ago where she is today. great stuff. >> congratulations. >> duff fun? >> i love this show. >> it probably says a lot about you as you start delving into everyone else's stories. you learn a lot about yourself. you start wondering about your problems. they seem so small after you read and learn about these stories.
6:51 am
you feel much better after you read it. >> if i had a glass of wine, i would toast you right now. >> we are still on that dumb thing. >> how many days do you have left? >> i think we have ten. when we are done, it is going to be new year's eve on our show. we are going crazy. >> can't wait. >> hoda, thanks. nice to see you. >> you too. we'll be right back. , so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. body washes with paper that reacts like skin. if others can strip this paper, imagine how harsh
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>> lin miranda plays a clinical pharmacologist in the new drama "do no harm." >> i first saw the promo for this show. i was intrigued. kind of a modern take on dr. jekyll and mr. hyde. at 8:25, his alter-ego takes over, ian price. he has been managing it by knocking the alter-ego out with drugs. the drug wears off in our pilot episode. >> you are the pharmacologist. >> i have been the one who is making the drug. i am sort of the only one at the hospital who knows there is this other guy that comes out and
6:55 am
wrecks shop when he is on it. it is a real wild ride every episode. >> is it the kind of thing for your character, do you want to find another drug that works again or is it better in some ways if you don't? >> for me, it is just managing the chaos, because i know there is good doctor by day and total nutso at night. being the only one that knows whose going on, i get into all kinds of skracrazy scrapes. >> when you first read the script, was it hard to wrap your head around what the plot was about? >> when i first read the script, i said, there is nothing on tv like this and i want to be a part of it. that's why i said yes. >> you are a broadway rveteran. we are doing a one night concert and raising money for washington heights, first time theater--goers. it is the original cast and we are singing it in washington heights. >> you can tell you are
6:56 am
comfortable on the stage. he has this big personality. i can feel you on the stage right now. >> as long as i have got my suit and tie. >> great to have you here. >> "do no harm" premiers this thursday at 10:00, 9:00 central. >> let's check in with david gregory who has a big exclusive this morning coming up on "meet the press." tell us about it. good morning. the republican parties 2012 vice presidential nominee, paul ryan will weigh in on the future of the republican party as well. it's all coming up this morning. that's going to do it for us this sunday morning. tomorrow on "today," an exclusive interview with siscis houston, whitney houston's mother. i'll see you back here tonight. until then, have a great day, everyone! so long.
6:57 am
6:58 am
right now, at 7:00, a mother and her 2-year-old son are recovering this morning after being shot not far from facebook headquarters in menlo park.
6:59 am
the latest on their condition and the search for two suspects. plus, high turnout for a gun buyback in san mateo. how much cash the city handed out. and caught on camera, the dramatic rescue of two women and a child in rising floodwaters, "today in the bay" starts right now. >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." taking a live look outside over san francisco bay, the bay bridge this sunday morning. it is 7:00. thank you for joining us. i'm garvin thomas. meteorologist rob mayeda is joining us. warming up a little bit. >> you saw the clear skies over the bay bridge. we've had the dry air sink in overnight. 32 degrees in napa this morning. 38 in livermore. if you're going to head out of the bay area to the high country, look out for chain controls on interstate


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